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After a year and a half of public comment and debate, OSHA finally made the extension of the operator certification requirement official in 2014.  The new deadline was originally November 10th of 2017, but in July of 2017, they extended it again until November 10th of 2018.

Why the repeated delays?  OSHA has returned to rule-making in order to consider recommendations from the Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health (ACCSH).  These recommendations include dropping the requirement for certification by capacity, and putting new requirements in place to ensure that employers annually verify operators' qualification on the type of equipment they are running.  You can read the full text of ACCSH's proposal here:

If OSHA accepts ACCSH's recommendations, employers will have to set up in-house programs to verify and document each operator's skill and knowledge on an annual basis, in addition to having them certified.  New England Crane School will be available on a consulting basis to help you set up your programs.

What's most important for employers to note right now is that OSHA has also extended the employer's duty to ensure operators are qualified to run the particular equipment they are assigned to run until the deadline goes into effect.