Winter 2018
What is the Difference Between NCCCO and NCCER Operator Certifications?

By Anna DeBattiste

Now that New England Crane School is offering both NCCER and NCCCO certification classes, many people are calling to ask us about the difference between the certs.


Both NCCCO (CCO for short) and NCCER are nationally accredited certifications that meet OSHA’s requirement. From a compliance standpoint, there is no difference. However, their test categories and test procedures are a little bit different. Here is a summary of the differences:


The practical exam emphasizes speed as well as accuracy and load control. Typically, you must be a very experienced, high production operator to pass it The practical exam gives you a more generous time limit, so it is easier to pass
The written exam uses fewer load charts than NCCER’s, so it is typically easier to pass NCCER assumes that as a crane operator you will most likely run many different cranes throughout the life of your career, so there are more load charts on the exam, making it a little more challenging than CCO’s

Exam categories include:

  • Fixed cab small telescoping boom (TSS)
  • Swing cab large telescoping boom (TLL)
  • Articulating boom
  • Service mechanic truck
  • Lattice boom

Exam categories include:

  • Boom truck (articulating or straight boom)
  • Industrial (e.g. carrydeck)
  • Large telescoping boom
  • Lattice boom
You must take a written and practical exam in every category you need If you take the large telescoping boom exams, it covers you for the industrial and boom truck categories. So, the largest number of exams you would have to take, if you run cranes in all categories, is two: large telescoping boom and lattice boom
You cannot bring your own crane to an exam, unless you are hosting your own onsite, in which case you must register a test site in advance and submit load charts for your crane in order to get a custom-designed course from CCO You can bring your own crane to our public classes, or you can test in the rental we have available
If you want to work for Cianbro, we have heard through the grapevine that this is the only cert they will accept We’re not aware of any employers/GCs in northern New England other than Cianbro that prefer NCCCO certification, although we can’t swear we haven’t missed anything
There is add-on pricing for each additional exam you need One price covers you for everything


New England Crane School is Growing

In August, NECS finally leased some commercial office space and graduated from all of us working from home. We’re located at the Glen Road Plaza in West Lebanon, NH, and our office is managed by Mark Kenney, our long-time logistics manager and NCCER practical examiner. We should warn you, however, that we are rarely in the office, so you don’t want to drop by without calling us first. Just as in the past, we are usually out delivering classes, exams and consulting services at our public sites or at our customer’s sites.


Glen Road Plaza


We also added two new staff members recently. John (Jack) McIsaac, our new sales manager, has over 16 years of inside and outside sales experience, including three years of sales for ATS’s crane program at Heavy Construction Academy in Brentwood, NH. His primary objective is to expand our market beyond the northeast. Bart MacNamee, our new written exam proctor, is a retired high school guidance counselor with an extensive background in standardized testing. 


John McIsaac

Jack McIsaac, sales manager

Bart MacNamee

Bart MacNamee, written exam proctor

Mark Kenney, logistics manager and practical examiner

Frank Donahue, instructor

Hardhad Cartoon
  New England Crane School Public Class Schedule

February 26 – March 1, 2018

NCCER operator certification class, sponsored by ABC NH-VT, Concord, NH


March 5 – 8, 2018

NCCCO operator certification class, Portland, ME


March 12, 2018

Signal/rigging class, Burlington, VT, promo codes for AGCVT members and Woods CRW Customers


March 13 –  16, 2018

NCCER operator certification class, Burlington, VT, promo codes for AGCVT members and Woods CRW customers


April 2, 2018

Signal/rigging class, Portland, ME, promo code for ABC Maine members


April 3 – 6, 2018

NCCER operator certification class, Portland, ME, promo code for ABC Maine members


For more information or to register, call Anna at 303-817-5663 or visit newenglandcraneschool.com

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